DIY spoon for gardening from a 1/2 gallon bottle of milk. 

Hello there ! Long time ! 

I’ve been busy with work! But I’m back! 

How to make a spoon for gardening made out of a 1/2 gallon bottle of milk ?


1/2 a gallon of milk 


Step 1. 

Find or use a recycled bottle; myself is the milk I have for an everyday use. 

This is the brand I use, but you can use whichever similar bottle of milk you have. 

Step 2. 

Cut a hole in the bottle. 

Step 3. 

Ready to use ! 

Yes ! As easy as that ! 

Remember small actions, make big changes ! 


DIY Christmas Pallet Tree

Hello ! Here’s another post about my DIY making inspired on the web.

Again I got this blog inspiration from Pinterest (L), The blog which I got the complete idea was:, this blog too, has a lot of DIY stuff not only for christmas but for every day things EVEN complete makeovers. SUPER RECOMMENDED if you love DIY stuff like me.

So ! What you’re you going to need:

1 pallet

white paint

Nails and a hammer

String ( I used brown )

Christmas lights ( I used to packages of White regular lights) and decoration.

Step 1. Paint the pallet. For this Step I had a lot of fun (as you can see) and I just let it dry over the night.


Step 2. With the nails and the ribbon do the shape of the tree over the pallet.


Step 3. Put over the lights and decoration.

IMG_6316 IMG_6321

OH ! For the star on the top, i used the inspiration from my earlier post about the seahorse with branches.

Final result: Beautiful and easy christmas pallet tree 😀


I’ll keep posting more DIY inspiration !!!

Hope you like it !!!

Home Decor DIY

Hello there !!!

I know there’s so many posts online about how to DIY stuff, but i had some free time and decide to try this post, which i got from Pinterest  ( I LOVE PINTEREST) from:  to decorate my studio apartment. Btw, this blog has so many things to DIY. But this is my experience on doing this one by myself.

Step 1. Get Branches

(This was quite simple for me, there was a hurricane a couple of months ago on the island and there’s still some dead nature around).


Step 2. Draw the seahorse over a rough surface ( I used carton which I used from the box of water I bought. )

Step 3. Glue them over the drawing. ( I used UHU )


Step 4. Wait for the glue to stick on ( I waited a whole night) and cut around the result.


Step 5. Hang it wherever you want 😀


This was super simple to do, it took me like one hour or so, plus it’s totally recycled.

I’ll keep posting DIY inspiration i found useful, and easy for me!