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Hello there !!!

I know there’s so many posts online about how to DIY stuff, but i had some free time and decide to try this post, which i got from Pinterest  ( I LOVE PINTEREST) from: http://www.usefuldiy.com/diy-tree-branch-seahorse/  to decorate my studio apartment. Btw, this blog has so many things to DIY. But this is my experience on doing this one by myself.

Step 1. Get Branches

(This was quite simple for me, there was a hurricane a couple of months ago on the island and there’s still some dead nature around).


Step 2. Draw the seahorse over a rough surface ( I used carton which I used from the box of water I bought. )

Step 3. Glue them over the drawing. ( I used UHU )


Step 4. Wait for the glue to stick on ( I waited a whole night) and cut around the result.


Step 5. Hang it wherever you want 😀


This was super simple to do, it took me like one hour or so, plus it’s totally recycled.

I’ll keep posting DIY inspiration i found useful, and easy for me!


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